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Delictum [Chapter Twenty Seven]
    Mark glared at the chair before him, taking another step into the room that Jim said was X’s office. He gingerly shut the door behind him, making sure the only exit was blocked. His furious brown eyes bored into the only thing he could see of the mysterious man before him, which was the very top of the person’s head. Mark could barely make out light brown hair underneath an old black baseball cap.  
    X spoke again, his voice coy and playful. “Why, who ever do you mean?”
    He recognized the voice. It was definitely X.
    But where is Jack? Jim must have lied, and it’s probably a trap.
    The detective growled. “What do you mean ‘who’? Jack, damnit, where’s Jack?”
    Jack tried to swallow his tears as Mark’s voice, despite it being angry and harsh, soothed him. He st
:iconcaligacal:Caligacal 12 38
Delictum [Chapter Twenty Six]
    In the doorway Daryl grumbled and dropped his gaze. “I- Sorry, I didn’t realize- But Jim just called-”
    Nate stood abruptly, and Daryl flinched. Jack gaped in fear and amazement. Daryl’s terrified of him… Rightfully so I guess but… He still couldn’t quite wrap his head around what he’d just discovered.
    The black-haired man lost his furious scowl and shook his head. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Christ Daryl, it wasn’t that hard, was it? Just keep watch, that’s all I asked.” Nate moved his hand to glare over his fingers at the brute of a man across the room. “We’ll discuss this later. Now get in here and help me.”
    Daryl nodded quickly and stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him.
    Jack trembled as Nate turned back to face h
:iconcaligacal:Caligacal 11 27
Delictum [Chapter Twenty Five]
    This place is gigantic…
    Jack had lost track of where they were going. Daryl had forced him up a few flight of stairs, down several hallways, and through countless doors. His legs ached and burned, and there were a couple times he thought he might collapse. Yet he knew if he did, Daryl would no doubt punish him for it.
     Daryl suddenly brought them to a halt and looked around. They’d stopped at a door that looked no different than the rest, yet it had gold-plated numbers on it. Jack eyed them curiously.
    412. This must be like the hotel part of the place.
    Without hesitation Daryl removed his hand from Jack’s mouth and roughly knocked on the door three times. For a brief moment there was silence, and then a quiet male voice echoed from the other side.
    “Come in.”
    Daryl huffed and op
:iconcaligacal:Caligacal 12 40
Delictum [Chapter Twenty Four]
    Jack froze.
    Daryl… Oh my god, I’m dead. This is it. He’s going to kill me. I’m going to die. And I was so close too…
    Daryl chuckled, and Jack shuddered as the sound skittered down his spine.
    “Hello Seeaan,” Daryl purred. He took a step forward and Jack managed to inch away from him. “Where ya going? You weren’t leaving, were you?”
    He reached down and easily snatched the front of Jack’s shirt. Jack yelped and tried to claw Daryl’s hand away, yet the brute only jerked on the material, hauling the prone Irishman into an upright position.
    Jack grabbed Daryl’s wrist and continued to try and desperately make him let go. Daryl curled a lip in disapproval and bitch-slapped the Irishman hard across the mouth.
    Blood instantly flooded Jack
:iconcaligacal:Caligacal 12 31
Delictum [Chapter Twenty Three]
    Everything… Everything hurts…
    Jack groaned. He tried to open his eyes. As they peeled open a crack, he saw a blur of pale brown.
    Where am I? Jack struggled to open his eyes further, and he attempted to lift his head. Yet he found he couldn’t move it. It was like there was a large weight on his forehead, preventing him from moving his head.
    Slightly panicked, the Irishman jerked his head to the side. It moved just fine. He moved his head to the other side, this time a bit slower. His cheek came in contact with something soft. Jack flinched.
    What in the hell?
    He moved his arms, found them unrestrained, and covered with something cool and soft. Mightily confused, Jack forced his eyes open and looked around.
    He was in a poorly lit room, and lying on a plush bed.
:iconcaligacal:Caligacal 13 17
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I drew that there.
I was walking out of my school when I saw it behind the glass.
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happy 2017 China!

sorry my "art" sucks, i dont have a good drawing app yet, i am using microsoft paint. lol
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just add a Warfstach, and it's Mark!
i made this for my brother, and all you portal fans out there!


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